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Our philosophy has always been a simple one – to provide the highest quality product and service possible. We pride ourselves on the satisfaction we bring to our customers.

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Solartech’s easy to care for film is cut in-house and all patterns are modified for a quality fitment. The protection film won’t peel or fade and is backed by a lifetime installation guarantee to ensure your ride continues to look as impressive as the day you bought it.

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Solartech films offers four tint shades to choose from: Limo (5%), Dark (20%), Medium (35%) or Light (50%). We only use top quality, colour stable films, meaning your vehicle will look just as beautiful years from now as the first day it was tinted. All our high-quality tint are backed with a lifetime installation warranty. In addition, our films have a lifetime fading/purpling warranty.

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I have been fortunate to have SolarTech Films protect all of my cars from my daily driver to the most prized vehicles in my car collection.  Their technical proficiency is unmatched and the care they take with every vehicle is amazing.  My race car was an incredibly challenging project due to the extreme conditions the film must withstand on the race track.  Having the best film, and correctly applying it for every application, is an incredible peace of mind for any automobile enthusiast.
SolarTech's team consistently sets the bar with the quality of their products, they stop at nothing to outperform their competition. As a high-end repair shop, with extremely high client expectations for service level and overall quality, we are fortunate to have a relationship with such a fantastic company.
Jonas and his Solar Tech have done amazing work on all of our cars. Its our first stop after leaving the dealership. The service, quality of work, expertise and price all add up to a great experience. If you want the best in film protection for your car , cannot recommend them highly enough.
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