• Offers an invisible protective layer.
  • Easy to care for – wash & wax as usual, and don’t worry about scratching it with normal washing.
  • Won’t harm factory paint – engineered to be removed.
  • Doesn’t peel or fade and is backed by a lifetime guarantee on installation.
  • Paint will not fade at a different rate.
  • Custom cut patterns done in-house.
  • We modify most patterns for a quality fit.


Our most common package for sedans, sports cars and SUVs is our Full Front/Full Hood Package. This provides bumper and full hood protection, as well as partial fenders, lights and fogs and mirror backs.

Our most common package for pickup trucks is our 18″ Full Front. This includes 18″ hood, bumper, partial fenders, lights and fogs, and painted mirror backs. Painted grilles and rocker sections are common upgrades for pickups.

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Solartech films offers four tint shades to choose from: Limo (5%), Dark (20%), Medium (35%) or Light (50%). We only use top quality colour stable films, meaning your vehicle will look just as beautiful years from now as the first day it was tinted. All our high-quality tint are backed with a lifetime installation warranty. In addition, our films are backed by a lifetime fading/purpling warranty.


  • Protects interior from harmful UV light.
  • Enhances security.
  • Enhances the appearance of the vehicle — our customers agree a vehicle doesn’t look complete until it’s tinted.
  • Increases passenger comfort due to its protection against solar heat.
  • Improves vehicle resale value.
  • Reported health benefit — includes reducing the risk of skin cancer.
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Commercial and Residential Window Tinting will provide many benefits as outlined below:


Adding window film to the building’s glass will drastically reduce the heat that passes through the windows, providing greater comfort and reducing expensive air conditioning costs.
Tinted film can also provide a shading effect and cut the glare from the sun, even from the bright snow.


Because all solar control window film contains UV inhibitors and blockers, UV damage and fading is drastically reduced.


Silver, Bronze and Frosted films are available, which can add a level of privacy to your home or office.

Security Window film provides an invisible protective barrier. If a window is broken because of an attempted break & entry or a natural disaster, the film holds together enhancing the safety & security of your interior space. For condos and apartments, window film can be added to balcony glass for additional safety. However, you may want to check with you local strata laws.

A large selection of decorative films are now available. You can add a little flare to the interior design or architectural features of your home or office by adding frosted, etched window film. A cost-effective and non-permanent application designed to look like etched, stain glass, or other creative solutions are available. Installed within days, this can be used for privacy or to simply beautify your home, office or store front and can applied to interior or exterior glass doors, windows, or glass partitions.

Consult with our Commercial and Residential Tint speciality team for a quote.

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Can Clearbra paint protection be repaired?

We do offer a FREE patching service to help you maintain and get longevity out of your product.  

The most common issue we see is accidental damage and or removal with aggressive power washing. It happens, just pop in and we will find a solution to repair the section.  

Can I polish my paint protection film with a professional polisher?

No.  The product has a clear top coat that will be shiny for many years. Clean it and wax it to bring back its shine. It’s that easy to maintain. 

Can I just purchase the kit and install it myself?

Yes, you could, but we don’t recommend it. Our team is very experienced at installing paint protection film. It’s much more difficult to do a quality installation than YouTube videos suggest. It takes hundreds of installations to learn to install at the level of quality we provide.  Leave it to the professionals.  

Do all Paint Protection Films offer equal quality?

Yes and No. The leading brands are very similar in our opinion. We have done our personal research  and comparisons. Now we’ve settled on one particular brand we feel outperforms the other leading brands and meets or exceeds the expectations of our clients.  

In general, the Leading Paint Protection Products are made from a rugged eight mil (.008″) clear polyurethane protective film. This durable material, made from an abrasion resistant elastomer, resists punctures, tearing, abrasion and corrosion. It is formulated for resistance to ultraviolet light, corrosion, abrasion and minor impact damage.

You may hear the term “self-healing” which refers to the top coat of the product’s ability to resist scratches and to be repaired with light heat.  Material penetrations and heavy impact of course do not “self-heal”. However, we can replace damaged sections. Just stop in for a quote.   


How long does it take for standard back-end window tint?

Typically automotive window tint installations require 5-7 hours. The actual installation is a few hours less, but we like to let it cure out for an hour or two and check for defects before signing off on it.

Will my tint have large light gaps on the top and edges?

We take great pride in producing high-quality automotive tint installations. We are well-known for attention to detail and very tight fitment. We hand cut each and every window resulting in perfect fitment.

Will my tint turn purple and bubble in a few years?

No. We use a high-quality colour stable film backed by a lifetime warranty.

I have seen a video with the installer putting tint on the outside of the window? Does it go on the outside or inside?

What you may have seen is an installer “shrinking” the rear window to fit the curve. The tint is then installed on the inside after this step.  


I would like to reduce heat but don't want to restrict my views from my windows. Is there a clear film available?

Yes. We offer very light shades of 60% and 70% that provide the same heat reduction and UV protection without darkening the windows significantly. Allowing you to get the best of both worlds, maintaining your beautiful views and the full benefits from Commercial and Residential film.

What is the difference between Commercial, Residential Window Film and Automotive Film?

Unlike Commercial and Residential Film, Automotive Window Film absorbs the sun’s energy. Heat is expelled passively from the vehicle when in motion, creating a cooling effect. When the vehicle is not moving, heat can actually build up more than non-tinted windows. Check with your local Transportation laws for what is allowed on your vehicle.

Can I use Automotive Film for Commercial, Residential glass applications?

Because of the heat absorption characteristic of automotive film, it should NEVER be used for commercial or residential building applications. It can allow heat to build in between the window panes and crack the glass or pop the seals. Commercial and Residential Tint needs to be applied by a qualified expert to be in compliance with window manufacturer warranties.

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